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As of recently, the term gluten-free has become synonymous with eating healthy. However, this is likely an exaggeration. As of right now, those who suffer from celiac disease (a genetic autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine) are the only people who definitely need to avoid gluten for health reasons. For everyone else, there’s probably no reason to avoid it and there’s no evidence to show that doing so can help you lose weight. "For the most part gluten has become the new 'it' thing to blame our weight loss struggles on," said Chris Cooper, a Precision Nutrition coach and a NSCA certified fitness professional. "Suddenly everyone has a gluten sensitivity. This gluten-free trend has caught on in part because we want to blame something for why we've gained weight or why we can't lose weight. It's easier to just demonize a certain food group than to actually take a hard look at our nutrition and make a real change." For a more in-depth look at eating gluten-free see: Should You Eat Gluten-Free?