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Pesticides are chemicals that are used to protect crops from weeds, insects and infections.

Some fruits contain significant pesticide residue when grown conventionally. These pesticides can be extremely dangerous for your health. According to the Center for Ecogenetics & Environmental Health, “the most common way most infants, children and adults are exposed to pesticides is by eating them on and in our food.” Workers in agriculture and occupational settings are at risk for acute and chronic poisoning because they are touching and breathing in the pesticides.

The symptoms of pesticide poisoning include abdominal cramps, nausea, dizziness confusion and more.

It is recommended to purchase organic versions of fruits because they are much safer and offer enriched health benefits. Going organic can be expensive, but your body will thank you for it. Research says that those who eat an organic diet are exposed to fewer disease-causing pesticides. Studies have shown that eating an organic diet can also reduce children’s exposure to pesticides.

For those of you who grow your own crops, it is important to refrain from using chemical pesticides and consider purchasing organic pesticides instead (See: 15 Ways Your Home is Making You Sick).

Reap the health benefits of fruits without exposing yourself to contamination.