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Kids and Politics: Talking Politics With Your Children

Politics are an important lesson

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Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience that requires you to see the world in a new light. To protect your child, you might feel the need to shelter them from the reality of the world. But when it comes to a topic like politics, shielding your child and leaving them in the dark is a parenting mistake that can damage your relationship

How to Repair Your Relationship With Your Kids

Dr. Casey Gamboni, a therapist and teaching and supervising faculty member at the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, recommends not ignoring politics, especially with how prevalent it is in today’s society. 

“Research and science have shown that the earlier a child is taught particular concepts, the more knowledgeable they’ll be,” Gamboni said. “[Politics] is something that shouldn’t be ignored. You don’t want your child to develop a fear of particular topics or a fear of politics. You want them to become knowledgeable so that they don’t make decisions rooted in ignorance.”

And when you’re discussing politics with your young children, Gamboni suggests skipping out on inserting your beliefs into the discussion and instead presenting the facts. Instead of telling them what to believe, stick to what is happening and why. Most importantly, do so in a way that is comfortable for both you and your child. 

“Now, there are many ways to [have a political conversation with your child],” Gamboni said. “There are children’s books and many different professions tackling this in a way that will work for the everyday parent.” 


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