Super Bowl Rings: Value of the NFL’s Special Bling

ID 29945320 © Jerry Coli |

Super Bowl Rings: Value of the NFL’s Special Bling

These rings are dripping in diamonds
Super Bowl Rings: Value of the NFL’s Special Bling

ID 29945320 © Jerry Coli |

A Super Bowl victory comes not only with bragging rights and the Lombardi Trophy, but also with some serious bling. After the confetti falls and the babies are kissed, work begins on some of the blingiest rings known to man to commemorate the win. But really, there are so many diamonds. So the question is: How much is a Super Bowl ring worth?

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The short answer is: the exact amount is unclear, but estimates have been made.

The largest Super Bowl rings to date were given to the New England Patriots after winning Super Bowl LIII in 2019. According to a release from the team, versions of the hand-crafted rings were awarded to each player, coach, staff member and executive.

Each ring was crafted in 10-karat gold and included the Patriots logo made from a custom-cut red and blue stone. The logo is surrounded by 38 diamonds, as well as six marquise-cut diamonds to represent the franchise’s six Super Bowl wins, which are set on 123 more diamonds. The intricate design didn’t stop there, as each player got a personalized version with their name and jersey number.

The record-breaking (and seemingly pretty heavy) rings are made by Jostens. In an interview with CNN, Chris Poitras, Jostens’ vice president for college, sports and specialty, said the design phase for Super Bowl rings takes up to eight weeks. Once the design is approved, the production period can take between four to six weeks before the jewelry is presented to the players at a private ceremony in June.

The exact cost of each ring remains a mystery, but the price can vary depending on the specifications and size of the rings. The NFL contributes about $5,000 per ring, according to that same CNN story, while the rest is paid for by the team.

In an interview with Money Magazine, Rick Harrison, the star of the TV show “Pawn Stars,” said Super Bowl rings owned by even a Patriots benchwarmer could be auctioned for $40,000 to $50,000. A ring from quarterback Tom Brady could easily go for at least $250,000, he said.

Someone was lucky enough to cop a Super Bowl ring given to one of Tom Brady’s family members or friends through an auction in 2018. The cost? About $345,000, which is more than the average home price in Florida. The ring wasn’t the same one given to Brady and his teammates (the family rings are smaller in size), but the sale gives a glimpse into just how much that record-setting 2019 ring is worth.


Buying an actual Super Bowl ring may be out of the question for the average person, but valuable items could be hiding anywhere. The next time you decide to clean out your attic or garage, keep an eye out for everyday items that could be worth a ton of money when you get them appraised.