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The Most Popular NHL Team in America, Based on Ticket Sales

Which team do most states root for?

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The coronavirus pandemic put a hold on a lot of professional sports seasons this year. The NBA season stalled, the MLB season was in question, and the NFL canceled its entire preseason slate. But the NHL is here, and fans all across America are tuned into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But who are Americans rooting for?

Most Popular NFL Team in Every State, According to Ticket Sales

One team in particular has the widest appeal across the United States. We determined the most popular hockey team in America by gathering data on ticket sales in each state from the ticket marketplace Vivid Seats. The data is based on sales of regular-season games from the 2018-2019 season only and not the playoffs.

Based on that methodology, the most popular National Hockey League team in America in 2019 was the Vegas Golden Knights.

The states where the Golden Knights were the most popular unsurprisingly sit on the western side of the United States: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. 


While the Vegas Golden Knights are the most popular team in America, which team is the most popular in your state?