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New England Patriots are the Most Popular NFL Team in America

The team is favorite by the most states

Alex Burstow/Getty Images

As confetti fell on the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in February, few could have expected the next season would be in question due to a global pandemic. But other leagues like the NBA, NHL and MLB returned to play while navigating coronavirus precautions, and the National Football League has officially begun their 2020 season, too.

Most Popular Major League Baseball Team in Every State, According to Ticket Sales

Now that football is back, it’s time to settle the debate of which NFL team is the most popular across America.

One way to determine America’s favorite teams is by ticket sales. Based on 2019 regular-season ticket sales in each state from ticket marketplace Vivid Seats, the most popular NFL team in the country last year was the New England Patriots, taking five states.

Unsurprisingly, the New England Patriots are quite popular in New England, particularly in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, where they ranked as the state's favorite NFL team. The only New England hold out was Connecticut, a state that purchased more tickets to see the New York Jets. 


The Pats might be the most popular team in America, but who does your state root for? Here are the most popular NFL teams in each state.