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Electric Bills, Gas Bills and Other Energy Costs are Highest and Lowest in These States

Which state is spending the least on energy?

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During the coronavirus pandemic, people are doing their best to keep themselves and their children entertained while remaining in their homes. As a result, people are spending more money on energy costs. But, depending on what state you’re in, energy costs can be higher than in others.

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To understand the impact of energy on our finances, personal finance site WalletHub compared the average monthly energy bills in each state and Washington, D.C. The rankings accounted for electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and home heating oil.

In the study, Washington, D.C. was ranked as the place in the United States that has the lowest total monthly energy cost at $199. Among the states, Washington fared the best with an average cost of $219.


The state that had the highest total monthly energy cost in the United States was Connecticut, which ranked third in both monthly electricity costs and monthly home heating oil costs. Residents spend an average of $372 per month on energy costs. Here is how each state ranked in terms of monthly energy costs.