How to Make DIY Plant Pots

Michael Tatman/Shutterstock

How to Make DIY Plant Pots

Add a crafty charm to your garden
How to Make DIY Plant Pots

Michael Tatman/Shutterstock

Pots are the perfect way to decorate your home or organize the plants in your garden, especially if you’re a first-time gardener. And if you’d like to be more sustainable in your everyday life or even just save some money, there are plenty of things you can use around the house for your plants rather than spending money on a new pot.

The Best Plants for Rookie Gardeners

Coffee cans

If you prefer homemade coffee, you may have some coffee cans that you can repurpose as pots. Leave the labels on if you like or take them off and perhaps even paint them.

Mason jars

There’s a lot you can do with old mason jars, including using them to hold your small plants.

Cooking pots

Give your old cooking pots a deep clean so that you can turn them into plant pots that are easily washable.


A teapot can be more versatile than you think. In addition to making many different types of tea, your teapot can be a plant pot, adding some charm to your garden or home.



If you have an old tire, hang it up on its side and use it to hold some of your plants and give your garden a more rustic vibe. It’s just one of many creative ways you can repurpose household items to revamp your garden.