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U.S. Cities That Most Recently Had the Lowest Unemployment Rate

Where is the employment?

 © Tapanakorn Katvong | Dreamstime.com

Unemployment is at the top of many minds as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect jobs across the country. Although the unemployment rate is not everything if you are looking to move to a new city or area, it is something to consider. 

The Best States to Raise a Family 

Some may assume that the most populated cities in the United States have the lowest unemployment, but that is not the case. 

The metropolitan areas with the lowest unemployment rate in the United States as of January 2020 were Ames, Iowa, and South Burlington, Vermont. As of the latest Department of Labor numbers, both of these areas were tied to an unemployment rate of 2.2%. Ames, the home of Iowa State University, is college town with plenty of school spirit, while the headquarters of Ben & Jerry's is famously located in South Burlington.


Not that the unemployment rate makes a city or area the best place for a job, but it does play a huge factor. But, there are also other factors you should consider if you’re looking for the best cities for jobs.