This is why your next holiday party should be a brunch

How to Save Money on Your Next Holiday Party

Change the game at your next holiday shindig
This is why your next holiday party should be a brunch

Whether you’re hosting your very first party or you’re known as the party king or queen, the right hacks can make holiday hosting a breeze. But if you’re looking to change things up this season and you don’t want to spend a ton to do so, here’s one easy tip that’ll leave guests satisfied: have your party at brunch. 

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There are several holiday dishes you should just buy. Glazed ham, apple pie and cornbread are delicious, even when storebought. But the price of these popular holiday dinner foods can rack up when you purchase enough to feed an entire party. Breakfast items, like eggs and bread, are low-priced, easy to make, and can be purchased in bulk. Breakfast items also give you, the chef, more versatility. That bread you purchased at a low cost can now be served as toast or French toast. Those eggs can be scrambled, boiled, fried or folded into an omelet. And many ingredients go great with eggs. And when it’s time for dessert, you can blend it with a breakfast dish by preparing a cookie dough-stuffed cinnamon roll


Planning the perfect party can be easy. And by switching to a brunch-themed party, you can serve a variety of dishes all for a low rate. Just be sure to follow these holiday hosting budgeting tips.