The Best Apps for Virtual Game Night

CasarsaGuru/E+ via Getty Images

The Best Apps for Virtual Game Night

Have fun with friends and family even while social distancing
The Best Apps for Virtual Game Night

CasarsaGuru/E+ via Getty Images

Game night is a popular way to bond with family or friends, and just because you’re quarantined at home doesn’t mean you can’t join in your favorite games with your loved ones from far away. These apps will help you throw a virtual game night everyone will enjoy.


Up to eight people can chat in a “room” in the Houseparty app, which makes it perfect for staying in touch with family and friends during the pandemic. Use it to video chat while playing games, or try one of the games available on the app itself, such as Heads Up!, Quick Draw and Trivia.


Zoom has become a very popular app for companies whose employees are working from home. It’s also another way to video chat while streaming a game together.

Remote Play

Remote Play Together is an app that allows you to stream local multiplayer games for free on the gaming app Steam. One person will start and run the game, while up to four players can join the stream and play. More can join if you have a faster internet connection.

Nintendo Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming system, and Animal Crossing, in particular, has become quite popular among couples looking to spend time together during the pandemic. Nintendo Switch Online allows players to join each other in games, and there’s even a smartphone app that allows for easy chatting with compatible games.

Jackbox Games

Typically used for local multiplayer games, Jackbox Games can still be played while apart. Have everyone jump into a video call, or use Remote Play, and go to on their computer or smartphone where everyone can join in and play a variety of games, some of which are bundled in a “party pack”.

Tabletop Simulator

Play classics like poker, chess and dominoes — or even create your own board game — with Tabletop Simulator, an app that allows you to still join your friends for a traditional game night. The best part is if you’re losing, you can flip the board over.


Another option for board game lovers is Tabletopia, an app that offers access to more than 800 licensed board games. You can also build your own board game, which you can then promote and monetize. It’s a fun and easy way to spend time with your loved ones and show them you love them during the coronavirus pandemic.