Fall Cycling Clothing

Fall Cycling Clothing

What to Wear for Fall Cycling


A good rule of thumb is to always keep the knees covered at 50 degrees or lower. A solid pair of bib knickers are a prime investment. The Giordana Silverline Bib Knickers are great for fall days when tights may be too warm, but bib shorts are too little. These knickers use a winter-weight microfiber, Super Roubaix to retain warmth but allows a comfortable range of motion.

Polyester Base Layer

Start your layering with a base layer made of a polyester fabric. This will enhance moisture wicking and keep your body dry. Castelli Flanders Wind Base Layer uses a multi-denier polyester composition that keeps fabric stretchable and comfortable while wicking moisture.

Long Sleeve Jersey

During fall weather, it’s good to have a long sleeve jersey. It keeps your arms warm but easily movable. The Castelli Trasparente Due Wind Long Sleeve Jersey is made from patented fabrics that work to insulate and block winds. The front is 100% windproof but breathable. And if you overheat at any point a front, full-length camlock zipper can help cool you down.


For those extra cool fall days you’ll want to add a jacket to your outfit. The Mavic Inferno Jacket will keep you warm during the icier fall times. It has strategically placed zipper vents to allow moisture to escape while keeping your body warm. It also has a removable hood and waterproof rain protection.

Helmet Cap

Again, those fall days can get cool. And especially if you are traveling at high speeds you want to be prepared. A helmet cap can help will keep your head warm and you’ll barely know it’s there. The Gore Bike Wear Universal SO Beanie blocks wind and also has a cinch cord so you can wear it as a hat or scarf keeping you warm and dry.

Full-Fingered Gloves

When the weather starts to drop, it’s time to take out the full-fingered gloves. Your warm fingers will thank you as they shift away. The Castelli Lightness Gloves are soft, stretchy and warm with cool-weather protection and enhanced aerodynamics.

Shoe Covers

Cycling Shoes already run a bit snug, so adding thicker socks may not be an option for you. That’s where shoe covers come in. Sugoi’s Firewall Booties are a great addition to your cycling gear. The fabric gives full range of motion but wind and water resistant. They are easily removable with wicking and breathability in the inside.

Cycling Shoes

Investing in a comfortable and sturdy pair of cycling shoes is a necessity for every rider. Try the Shimano R170L or another of Scott Boulbol’s recommendations on how to choose the perfect cycling shoe.