Cool Weather Camping: 9 Essential Pieces of Gear for Fall from Fall Camping Essentials

Fall Camping Essentials

Cool Weather Camping: 9 Essential Pieces of Gear for Fall


There’s a lot to love about camping in autumn, but before you head out on your next trip make sure you have the essentials.

The North Face Furnace 35 Sleeping Bag

One of the most vital pieces of fall gear is a quality sleeping bag that can provide the right amount of heat. The Furnace 35 has been designed to keep you comfortable even as the temperatures dip into the mid-thirties. Made with water-resistant goose down and a layer of synthetic Heatseeker™ eco insulation, this popular sleeping bag also comes with a vaulted footbox and a built-in hood for added warmth.
Diana Gerstacker; $169-$179

Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad

The Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad is another essential if you plan on going camping in the fall, as laying in just a sleeping bag alone will not protect you from the cold ground. The Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus Sleeping Pad features foam insulation that will keep you warm as well as adding a nice cushioned layer for a comfortable sleep.
Cathrine Adamo; $110

GRABBER Foot Warmer Insoles

Grabber Foot Warmer Insoles are great to have on hand for your next camping trip. It might not be time for those big winter boots, but toward the end of fall your feet might get chilly. Avoid that uncomfortable cold-feet-feeling when you’re out enjoying the outdoors, slip a GRABBER Foot Warmer Insoles into your sneakers to keep your feet warm for up to five hours.
Cathrine Adamo; $10

Under Armour Treestand Base-Layer Top

Base layers and long underwear are must-haves for fall camping. The Under Armour Treestand Base-Layer Top is a great accessory that will keep you warm on your next adventure. Whether you wear it as a base layer during the day or when you sleep to cut the chill, the Cold Gear fabric will ensure optimal warmth.
Cathrine Adamo; $80

The REI Triad 3-in-1 Parka

Fall is that tough time of year when, at some points in the day, you don’t need any jacket at all—but in the early morning or evening a jacket is absolutely essential. The 3-in-1 parka solves this dilemma while providing a classic look that you can take from the trails to city streets. The jacket comes in two parts that you can either separate or wear together, a shell and a liner, which leaves you with three jacket options.
Diana Gerstacker; $250

The SmartWool Headband

Outdoor enthusiasts know that it’s never too early in the season for a headband. Not only do headbands provide great protection for chilly ears, but they take up virtually no room in your pack. The SmartWool headband is made of merino wool, which stays dry and breathable throughout hikes and is machine washable for added simplicity.
—Diana Gerstacker; $20

Mr. Heater Original Tank Top Heater

The Mr. Heater Original Tank Top Heater is a great piece of equipment to have while camping. All you have to do is mount the heater to a one-pound propane tank and you’ll have portable heat wherever your next outdoor adventure takes you. The heater has a total of three settings, so you can adjust the heat to your optimal comfort and a standard safety shutoff switch. The Mr. Heater Original Tank Top Heater is for outdoor use only.
Cathrine Adamo; $40

The North Face Unisex FlashDry Liner Gloves

These FlashDry Liner Gloves are a great accessory for fall camping that can be useful well into the winter months. Designed using flexible fleece that dries fast, these gloves are available in either black or grey. They’re warm enough will keep your hands cozy in fall weather and you won’t have to break out the heavy winter gloves.
Cathrine Adamo; $25

Black Diamond MesaTent (2-person, 3-season)

This lightweight tent doesn’t sacrifice on features. Though it weighs in at just five pounds, it comes with double doors, two vestibules for your gear, enough room for two people and a mesh canopy top. On top of the luxuries, the tent holds up well in cold and damp weather, making it a great choice for fall camping.
—Diana Gerstacker; $297