Fad Fitness: Kettlebells

A six-week trial run of the Russian-inspired wonder weight craze

Week 1: Kicking Off with Kettlebells
Breaking the ice with Bob Harper DVDs

Week 2: What's the Kettlebell Catch?
After a sniffles setback, the writer wonders if there are drawbacks to kettlebells

Week 3: A Serious Kettlebell Critique
Spending time with a pro trainer, getting it all horribly wrong

Week 4: Kettlebell Class is in Session
Learning to be a slightly weak, somewhat lopsided Strongman

Week 5: The Beauty of Kettlebells
A bit of personal practice gives the term "home body" new meaning

Week 6: Cookies vs. Kettlebells
Foiled by the holidays and a monotone

Wrap-Up: Secrets of the Kettlebells
5 tips you need to know if you want to get ripped with kettlebells