Fad Fitness: Flywheel

A six-week spin in the nightclub DJ-inspired spinning class

Week 1: A Fair-Weather Cyclist Tries Flywheel
He's a self-proclaimed exercise ignoramus and, apparently, a masochist

Week 2: Making Adjustments on the Fly
Poor cycling position lands our writer on the doc's examination table

Week 3: Learning to Fly
Making big improvements, but there's still a long ride ahead

Week 4: Converting Fat into Fab
Losing weight, toning up and a caloric math lesson

Week 5: A Flywheel Faceoff
"Winning," it turns out, is a relative term

Week 6: Flywheel vs. SoulCycle
Taking a spin with Flywheel's main competition

Wrap-Up: Flywheel Forever?
Adding up the long-term cost of a confidence boost