Fad Fitness: Early Morning Exercise is Always Worth It

Week 2: After a 7AM cycle, you'll feel fantastic for the rest of the day

You know how they say getting out the door (the act of actually starting) is the hardest part of any workout? Well it really is true. Yet, no matter how many times I prove this to myself, the next time I’m reluctantly gearing up to exercise (especially if it’s early in the morning), I can never seem to remember the part where I feel amazing afterwards. All I can think about is how I’d rather hit the snooze button ten more times or watch just one six more episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I know it really is true, though, because signing up for a 7AM Swerve class this week verified the entire above scenario for me for about the millionth time. Did I want to wake up at the crack of dawn? Did I want to trade my cozy, warm bed for below-freezing temperatures? Before the workout, the answer to both of these questions was “Absolutely not.” But after the workout… After having sweat it out on the bike for 45 super-intense minutes and then feeling like a million bucks for the rest of the day, the answers to those two questions took a complete 180. Of course I’d gladly trade a few silly conveniences, for a great workout like my second session at Swerve. An extra hour of sleep? Totally overrated!

During my first class, I was totally enamored by the team aspect that Swerve has incorporated into to the traditional spinning workout. And while this week I still found that aspect equally as motivating, because the early morning class was less crowded, I paid a little bit less attention to the team and took my focus inward instead. This time around I found the most motivation on the display screen of my own bike. Throughout the ride it reads your resistance level, speed, distance, and most importantly, watts (exercise intensity) and RPM (revolutions per minute).

All through class our instructor Trisha bounced around the room cuing us to hit a certain RPM and I realized that a simple prompt like that is another factor that really sets Swerve apart from the typical cycling class for me. When it comes to working out, I personally can’t think of anything more valuable than a coach or instructor telling me exactly where I need to be, and then also encouraging me to go above and beyond that point.

Trisha’s energy and enthusiasm was unparalleled compared to the instructor’s who’ve lead the majority of spin classes I’ve taken in the past. Everyone has their own training style, and every exerciser has a type of trainer they prefer most. I prefer in-your-face, upbeat, enthusiastic group-ex leaders, and Trisha is totally this type. She danced, she sang, she bopped around the room and made us give her our all. Plus, her playlist was “throwback Thursday” themed. Everyone knows a spin class is only as good as the playlist that accompanies it, and Trisha’s was carefully curated for a fun and spirited early morning ride.

After the workout I was really pleased with all of the amenities in the studio’s full-service locker room. One of the challenges of working out in the morning before work is factoring in enough time for getting ready and getting into the office on time. But with towel service, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from L'Occitane, and high-quality hair dryers everything I needed to get from spin-class-sweaty to suitable for work was available at the studio. Plus, I didn’t even have to worry about breakfast because I was able to grab a smoothie from the snack bar on my way out.

So, lesson learned: early morning workouts are wonderful. I’m one hundred percent willing to admit that. We’ll just have to wait and see whether or not I’ll remember it next time I sign up for a 7AM Swerve class.

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Are you an early morning exerciser or would you rather wait until later on in the day to work up a sweat? Let us know in the comments section below!

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