Fad Fitness: CrossFit

Six weeks of full-body caveman fitness
Staff Writer

Week 1: The Breaking In
4 good reasons (and one bad one) that I chose CrossFit

Week 2: Inside CrossFit's Black Box
A behind-the-scenes look at the mysterious, all-business black box gym

Week 3: Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me
Learning to lift less "noodle-y" and, finally, graduating Foundations

Week 4: Crushed By CrossFit
Unleashed upon group classes during "Crush Week"

Week 5: To Eat Like a Caveman or Not?
A carb-crammer considers going Paleo

Week 6: CrossFit Comrades
Discovering the ultimate source of motivation is a kick-ass partner

Wrap-Up: A CrossFit Convert
From doubter to disciple in just six weeks? Not quite. But Close.

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