Explorers Club to Honor Seven

James Cameron, astronauts Glenn and Carpenter, 4 others to receive awards in March


The Explorers Club announced its 2013 Medalists and Award Winners who will be honored Mar. 16, 2013, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The list of awardees are: 

Explorers Medal - James Cameron, an artist and engineer whose break-through submersible technology carried him to and from the deepest point on earth last March.

President's Legends Medals - John Glenn and Scott Carpenter, the first and second Americans to orbit the earth, served science and country through their pioneering Mercury flights which helped win the Cold War.  

Tenzing Norgay Quadrennial Award - Chhiring Dorje Sherpa has not only helped mankind explore routes on Himalayan peaks sacred and traditional, but gave unselfishly when a critical moment presented itself on K2, considered the world's most dangerous mountain. At great risk to his own life, the multi-time Everest summiteer saved a fellow climber from certain death, allowing him to return to home and family.

Citations of Merit - Erden Eruç demonstrated that technology is not always needed to do great things today. After a grueling five years and 11 days, Eruç completed a circumnavigation of the globe using a rowboat, bicycle, kayak, dugout canoe or walking as necessary, showing it is still possible to inspire with human power.

Christos Nicola, a long-time cave explorer, enriched the world through his book, The Secret of Priest's Grotto: A Holocaust Survival Story, about how a Jewish family, fleeing the Nazis, lived for two years in a large cave, Popowa Yama, in Ukraine and survived WWII. 

Sweeney Medal - Monika Rogozinska, a journalist and mountaineer, has long been a behind-the scenes powerhouse for the Club. Rogozinska, helped establish the very successful Polish Chapter in 1993 and has been Chair since 2009.

(Tickets start at $375, Reservations@explorers.org, 212 628 8383).



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