Expert Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling For Thanksgiving

A personal trainer and fitness coach shares advice for healthy holiday travel

Just about everyone likes to enjoy the company of friends, family, and of course, good food on Thanksgiving.

However, for those with weight loss and fitness goals, the food-centric holiday might sometimes feel like a source of stress. Maybe this is especially true if you're traveling to visit friends and family.

When you're forced outside of your regular routine it might feel like more of a challenge to remain faithful to your goals.

"It can be hard to stay on track with your fitness and health goals if you are not well prepared," says Runtastic Fitness Coach, personal trainer and healthy lifestyle planner Lunden Souza.

Of course, you should always feel like you can indulge a little bit during the holidays. But if you want to make sure you won't veer too far off track, Souza offers the following healthy travel tips to help you physically and mentally prepare yourself for a Thanksgiving trip that will balance staying fit with just the right amount of enjoyment.

Don’t skip your workouts.

“Even if your workouts are short and sweet, something is always better than nothing,” says Souza. She suggests sneaking away for 20 to 30 minutes and doing some bodyweight exercises like push-ups, sit ups, planks, squats and lunges. “You can easily do all these moves in your hotel room or at grandma's house; no excuses,” she adds. “This is especially important the morning of the big feast. At least if you are going to eat a lot, your hard-working muscles can actually use a lot of the calories you are consuming in order to repair from your workout.”

Travel with equipment.

“You can easily fit lightweight equipment like a jump rope or resistance band in your suitcase, purse or backpack,” says Souza. “They won't tip the scale if you are checking baggage and can give you a really powerful workout.”

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