Exercise Like an Olympian: Slopestlye Silver Medalist Shares Her Top Training Tips

Devin Logan dishes on strength training, recovery techniques and staying motivated

When we recently caught up with slopestyle silver medalist Devin Logan, she chatted with us about everything from her upcoming ski season to her hopes for the 2018 Winter Olympics. And of course, since after the off-season she’s currently prepping to get back on the slopes, we had to find out what she’s being doing in the gym to get her body ready for competition.   

The first thing Logan mentioned when we asked what she’s been doing to get ready for the upcoming season was trampoline training.

“I’m just in the gym mostly, staying strong, doing a lot of trampoline training and water ramping,” she said. “Keeping the muscle memories intact, so when I do tricks again, even though I haven’t been on snow, I’ll land on my feet.”

And as far as strength training goes, Logan says her training hasn’t become too intense yet. She’s just coming back from a few months off, so her coaches are working with her to build strength slowly.

“We’ve worked on mobility, and stretching and then built up to lifting—getting the legs, glutes and knees strong, and upper body—pretty much everything,” she said. “Stability training in the ankles and knees and just a lot of squats.”

A lot of squats. That makes sense for an athlete whose sport depends mostly on her lower body, but Logan says they’re not one of her favorite exercises, so she looks for other ways to make cross training fun and enjoyable.

“I try to make it fun, I do a lot of stuff on the trampoline like back bouncing, which helps with balance,” she said. “But it’s also a great core workout when you’re back bouncing for 10 to 15 minutes straight, it gets your heart rate up. Anything that’s fun that distracts me from what I’m really working hard at is a plus in my book.”

We certainly can’t argue with that. In fact here on The Active Times, we’ve talked about the idea of finding fun in exercise in order to make it feel less like a chore before.

In terms of other enjoyable cross training activities, Logan says she loves almost any type of exercise she can do outside.

“I like going for bike rides outside, instead of just staying on the indoor cycle, hiking and playing other sports,” she said. “There was a summer beach volleyball league I did, it wasn’t serious, but it was another fun way to get outside and be active.”

She continues, “Even now some friends and I will go to the park and pass around a soccer ball or play Frisbee. I grew up playing sports, so once again, just fun things that take your mind off exercising.”

An excellent concept; we think she’s onto something.

Actually, we know she’s onto something because every time we sit down to talk with her, she reminds us of the one thing that’s most important to her: having fun.

When we asked her what she was most looking forward to for the upcoming season she immediately answered, “Just getting back to having fun.” She also noted that she’s looking forward to a schedule that’s a little less hectic than last year’s, which will allow for some extra relaxation and recovery time.

She told us that foam rolling is a big part of her recovery routine, as well as stretching and cycling.

“Just getting the lactic acid out through light spinning on the bike and stretching and then foam rolling,” she said. “Just getting the muscles to like you again after a hard day of pushing them.”

As our conversation started to come to an end, we asked Logan for some advice. We just had to ask her about how she stays motivated. You know, since she did mention that even though it’s essential to her performance, she’s still not necessarily the biggest fan of traditional exercise (re: squats).

So then, what keeps her coming back to the gym?

“There’s a good group of us that live in Park City and train out of the gym, so it’s nice to have them,” she said. “We’re all competitive and we all push each other, it’s just like, ‘Oh you’re doing that weight, well I’m going to go up five more pounds.’ That kind of competition and just having your friends around to do it with you really helps.”

Oh, and she also loves a good workout playlist.

“When I can’t bike outside they have us do bikes inside and that’s definitely what saves you,” she said. “You get a good song on and it just makes you pedal harder and you don’t even realize. So just a good playlist and a partner is what motivates me.”