Exercise Anywhere: Sexy Summer Legs Workout

A lower body workout for sculpting your inner thigh and butt muscles

We are targeting the inner thighs with this challenge... AND our butts too!

Equipment  Needed:

  • A chair (one that sits low to the ground)
  • A weighted ball (if you have one or a dumbbell, or nothing at all is fine too)
  • Timer (phone, clock or just follow me)

What to Do: 2 rounds, 10 repetitions of each exercise

The Workout:

  • Forward/ Back Sumo Squat Jumps
  • Elevated Leg Lifts
  • Leg Lifts
  • Weighted Hip-up + Squeeze
  • Weighted Swings

What do you think?  Do you feel ready to strut around in a short skirt or board shorts yet?! Let me know in the comment section below  ;)

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Amanda Russell

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