Exercise Anywhere: Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Kickoff the New Year with this dynamic, high-intensity kickboxing routine

We’ve all been bombarded with and are likely feeling the pressures of the whole “new year, new you, diet plans, workout programs, resolutions”– everything! It’s all too much noise and so overwhelming. How can you know where to begin?

To begin 2014 early, and with a bang, I figured what better way than to start with a roar? That’s right, we are going to start the New Year with a high-intensity, kickboxing-inspired, dynamic endurance workout using your own body.

Recommended Equipment:
Interval Timer (I use Gymboss because it’s the most simple and easy to program to any interval length)

What to do:
In Round 1, do just exercise 1.  In Round 2, do exercises number 1 & 2, Round 3, do 1, 2, 3 and so on. Check out my intro video below for step-by-step instructions.

This workout takes just under 11 min to complete but it should get you breathless and sweaty! Feeling ready to go again? Do it twice or pair with another workout for a total body torcher!

The Workout:
Set Interval Timer for 6 rounds of 30 Seconds each

1. Straight punches

2. Push-ups

3. UpperCuts

4. Oblique mountain climbers

5. Around the World Kicks– alternating legs

6. Squat jumps

I want you to LOVE this workout- roar, scream, pant, kick and punch with all your force, get it out!! Throw your limits aside and get Fit, Strong and Sexy!

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