Exercise Anywhere: Best New Year Workout

Step outside your comfort zone with this challenging glider workout

Rather than focusing on “resolutions,” I thought it’d be more fun if I focused this series of workouts on “reinventing!” The theme for this week is to do something that scares you! YES that’s right, lets rock 2014 and do something outside our comfort zones every day. Do something different, something that will make you better and stronger and that will help you start 2014 on high note!

For me, I’ve always been scared to incorporate equipment into my workouts, but today I’m branching out. During this workout I’ll be using one piece of equipment. They’re called OctaSliders and they’ve totally taken my workouts to a whole new level and have helped me to really mix things up! There’s no gimmick to buy anything though, for the same effect you can use anything that slides under your feet and hands. (Paper plates on a carpet surface will work well.)

Recommended Equipment:
1. Sliders (For 20% off your own pair of OctaSliders, head to octaslider.com and use the code OctaARfit at checkout!)

2. Interval Timer or Stopwatch (I use the Gymboss Interval timer since you can set it easily and it beeps so you don’t have to keep checking the time)

What to Do:
Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. There are 12 exercises in total, complete three rounds with one minute of recovery between each round. Check out my intro video below for step-by-step instructions.

The Workout

1.    Push Outs

2.    Alternating Hand Push-Aways

3.    Pike

4.    Push Up Chest Flyers

5.    Knee Tuck

6.    Runners

7.    Plank Jacks (feet wide then together)

8.    Side Lunge Left

9.    Side Lunge Right

10. Front Back Double Lunge Left

11. Front Back Double Lunge Right

12. Leg Curl Hip-Ups

Total Time: 20 minutes

I hope incorporating the sliders was fun and exciting for you! Did they take you outside of your comfort zone? Let me know what you thought in the comments section below!

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