Exercise Anywhere: Best Bikini Butt and Abs Workout

Sculpt a bikini body with this circuit workout for your glutes and core

This week I have for you The Best Bikini Butt and Abs Workout!  In this workout I've included some medium weight dumbbell moves (I use 10lbs in this workout).

Please don’t be scared that working with heavy weights will result in bulk! That is not the case! The workout is designed to get you a tight, round and lifted butt, along with lean, toned and sexy abs!

Let's get started!

Equipment  Needed:

  • Interval Timer (I personally like the Gymboss interval timer)
  • Medium Dumbbells (or water bottles, detergent jugs... Anything with weight that will challenge you!)

What to do:
Repeat each circuit two times!

The Workout:

Circuit One

  • 30 seconds Sprinters
  • 5 TIMES: 5 Boat Twists + 5 Boat Pose Hand Pulses + 1 Turkish get ups
  • 5 TIMES: 3 Tuck Jumps in Plank + 3 Standing  Tuck Jumps

Circuit Two

  • 30 seconds Lateral Shuffles
  • 10 Alternating Weighted Step-ups
  • 10 Weighted Hip-ups

Circuit Three

  • 20 Leg Lowers
  • 20 Leg Scissors
  • 20 Swimmers

What do you think?  How are you feeling?!  Leave a comment below!

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Amanda Russell