Everything You Need to Know About Life You Can Learn from Running

13 life lessons as learned through running

Over the years running has taught you a long list of lessons. Buy good shoes, focus on your form, always incorporate cross training, never eat weird foods before your race… And it goes on.

Every day you learn something new about the sport, but maybe you’ve been so focused on the actual act of running that you haven’t had the chance to take a step back and get a glimpse of the bigger picture; the one that shows you the real lessons that running has taught you.

Sometimes life seems complicated, but at the end of the day all we need to weed through the confusion are a few simple guidelines, and whether you realized it or not, all of them can be learned by participating in your favorite pastime. 

Everything You Need to Know About Life You Can Learn from Running

1.) If you want to improve and achieve your goals, you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone.

2.) The early bird gets the worm (and is probably less stressed).


3.) It’s better not overcomplicate things.


4.) It’s OK to be alone sometimes.

Flickr/W. Sobchak

5.) But sometimes you need a friend. And it’s OK to ask for help.

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6.) Always keep an open mind. Compromise is key.

7.) Hard work always pays off…


8.) ...But you need to take a break sometimes too.

9.) It’s OK to be different.

Bay to Breakers 12K race, San Francisco, Calif. via Flickr/carbonnyc

10.) Everything won’t always be perfect, but hardships will pass.


11.) Change takes time and nothing beats consistency.

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12.) Always follow your heart...


13.) ...and never give up.

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