Everything You Need to Know About Cruises

Packed into 57 seconds
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Perhaps those of us who really "travel" rather than "vacation" are a bit snobby, but can we be blamed? Bicycle tours, national park hikes, days-long river trips...how can these activites be reasonably compared to the weeks of a typical vacation that leave you cashless, sunburnt and in a perpetual state of pina colada hangover?

Now, I don't know if comedian Greg Benson is a seasoned traveler or not, but I'll tell you one thing: He gives the most succinct portrayal of the important parts of a cruise ship I've ever heard.*  

Warning: This video contains a lot of f***ing bad language.

*Okay, not really. Cruises obviously have their place in the travel world and can be awesome. But his take on them is hilarious. 

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