Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Be Caught in an Avalanche? Watch This.

Snowboarder gets crushed by an avalanche, lives and gets the whole thing on his GoPro
Youtube/ Sorin Radu

There’s not much on a snowy mountain that’s more bone-chilling than the chance of an avalanche. These unpredictable snow slides take several lives each year and even professionals trained in backcountry safety have suffered a terrible fate that can be described as nothing other than tragic.

Snowboarder and mountain rescue worker Sorin Radu was one of the lucky ones. Shredding in the Retezat Mountains of Romania and filming with his GoPro, the snow began to crumble and slide just above him and he had to make a quick decision. He decided to slide with the snow and he made it out alive.

For more visit Radu’s Youtube page or find him on Twitter.

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