How Much Should You Tip on Carryout Orders and Curbside Pickup During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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From the dating world to how we interact with friends and family, the global spread of coronavirus has turned life on its head.

Dinner at Home Can Feel Like a Restaurant With These Tips

The doors to our favorite restaurants have closed to patrons. However, when we’re craving a slice from our favorite pizza chains, there are still men and women behind the scenes working bravely to prepare dishes we’ll carry out and bring back home to family. Showing your gratitude is just as essential as their job.

When adding a tip to a carryout order, Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert, author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life” and founder of The Protocol School of Texas suggests sticking to the 20% rule and adding a few extra dollars if it aligns with your finances and doesn’t throw you off your budget.

“For carryout orders, leave 20% of the bill or $5 as a tip,” Gottsman said. “If your order is relatively cheap, say $11, 20% is only $2. That’s pretty low, so, in that case, you’d leave $5.”

When you’ve got a few spare dollars, Gottsman suggests adding it on top of the original tip. And in the case that you use a coupon and receive a discount on your order, tip on the original amount before the coupon is applied.

“When you’re ordering from somewhere else during this time, it’s a gesture of goodwill to include a tip,” Gottsman said. “People are putting their lives at risk to help others.”


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