Essentials for Bike Commuting

The 16 key pieces of gear no commuter should be without

You’re flying down city streets on a warm summer morning, keeping an eye on the cars directly to your right and the light breeze feels incredible. The sun is inching up, well beyond the horizon by now, and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Sadly you’ll be spending the majority of it in the office, but with an early morning ride and one to look forward to later on, those eight indoor hours don’t feel quite as bad. [slideshow:62583]

Such is the life of a bike commuter and it’s one you can experience too. In fact, there are at least six great reasons you should try bike commuting and there’s no time like the present to start. From improving your health and fitness to saving a big chunk of change, bike commuting comes with a slew of benefits—including reducing workday stress.

Bike commuting is a great way to transition into your workday and then relax back into home life, especially when you have the right gear. No one wants to be stuck with a flat tire and no tools, out in a rainstorm without a rain jacket or all sweaty at the office because deodorant simply wasn’t enough—the right gear can save you from a world of regrets.

From key items like helmets and lights to awesome add-ons like smartphone mounts and coffee cup holders, these are the 16 essential pieces of gear no commuter should be without.

The Allston Helmet by Bern

When designing their first helmet specifically for cyclists, Bern sought a wide-range of feedback from bike messengers to cyclecross racers and everyone in between. The result is one of the most well thought out bike helmets on the market. A total of 16 vents ensure breathability in warmer weather, a detachable visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and their ZipMold technology means maximum head protection at minimum weight.; $90

Volt700 Headlight by CatEye

For those nights you work a little too late and you have to commute home in the dark, two things are crucial for a safe ride home—you need to see and be seen. A powerful, practical light is a must for all commuters and the Volt700 from CatEye is a top choice. With five lighting modes, a high capacity lithium ion battery and the ease of a USB charge, you can’t go wrong with this compact workhorse.; find it here for $97

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