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Essential Items for the Beginner Triathlete

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If you're going to compete in a triathlon, you will definitely need a bike. For most first-timers, a basic road bike will do. Many people hear the term "tri bike" and think that's what they need in order to compete in a triathlon. However, if you're new to cycling, (especially if you're training for a Sprint or Olympic distance race) you'll be more comfortable, stable and safe on a road bike. 

Splurge on a carbon bike for the lightest, stiffest and most comfortable ride. Save on an aluminum bike, but opt for a carbon seat post and fork for a little added comfort. Make sure you have the right component package for flat or hilly terrain, and a comfortable saddle to keep your tush in tact! Many bikes even come in a women’s specific model.

Our Recommendation: The Specialized Dolce or Sector; $830


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