An Epic First: Watch this BASE jump off the Tallest Freestanding Mountain in the World

Legendary BASE jumper Valery Rozov is the first to complete a jump from Kilimanjaro

Thomas Senf / Red Bull Content Pool

Many have summited Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, but up until now no one has ever completed a BASE jump from its peak. Legendary jumper Valery Rozov was the very first to accomplish this epic feat.

After preparing for this jump for an entire year and then summiting the 5,895 meter mountain, Rozov still needed to wait three days for the right conditions. They spent the first day looking for the right spot to jump from, missing their opportunity, then camped out in a crater. The second day was simply too cloudy, but on the third morning he was able to take the leap.

Check out this amazing clip, courtesy of Thomas Senf and the Red Bull Content Pool and enjoy the celebration at the end. Apparently hundreds of locals heard about the challenge and came to watch and celebrate.


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