Epic Adventure Race Leads Adorable Stray Dog to a New Home

Stray dog follows an adventure race team through Ecuador
Krister Goransson / Via Facebook: peakperformanceadventureracingteam

Quick, someone grab the rights to this story, because honestly, it sounds like something straight out of a movie. Or maybe like a scene from that movie Homeward Bound.

Either way, it’s an incredible tale of loyalty, determination and friendship.

It goes like this: a team of four participating in the Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador— one of the most grueling and challenging endurance races in the world—came across a stray dog.

Team Captain Mikael Lindnord thought nothing of sharing a meatball with the shabby pooch and he and his team soon packed up, heading out to finish the last section of the race.

It wasn’t long before they noticed that the dog, who they later named Arthur, had begun to follow them—a feat that, with extremely treacherous jungle terrain ahead, was by no means easy.

Arthur was determined to keep up with his new friends, though. Even after the team decided to leave him on shore as they embarked on the final part of the race—a 59km coastal kayak—he refused to be abandoned, jumping into the water and swimming after them.

At this point Lindnord just didn’t have the heart to leave him behind, so he lifted Arthur into his boat and the dog stuck with them for the rest of the way.

The team, Team Peak Performance, ended up finishing the race in six days, and with one more member than they started with, coming in 12th place overall.

At the end, Lindnord said, “I came to Ecuador to win the World Championship. Instead, I got a new friend.”

Cue inspirational music. Commence tears.

But wait, the story has an even happier ending. Lindnord applied for and was granted permission to adopt Arthur. He brought him home to Sweden.

The two now live there together and according to the Team Peak Performance Facebook page, Arthur is doing well and getting healthier every day.

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