Energy-Boosting Yoga Poses

Expert instructors share their top picks for the best pick-me-up poses

In a day and age when the most extreme and intense exercise styles are constantly touted as “the best,” therapeutic workouts like yoga are often overlooked for their energy-boosting benefits.  

Of course, depending on what type of class you take or practice you follow, yoga is often easy-going, relaxing and peaceful.

But it also has a certain kind of revitalizing power that that can help your body and mind to both unwind and recharge all at the same time.

Feeling like you need to replenish your energy and uplift your mood? Try a few or all of the following energy-boosting yoga poses recommended by expert instructors. 

Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend)

“This posture works on the ‘root’ chakra—Muladhara,” says Ian Marshall a Mexico-based yoga instructor who learned the practice through travels in India, Nepal and South East Asia. “ It’s grounding and brings the telluric earth energy through the body. As well as being a solid grounding pose it also charges up the root giving vitality and a connection with the powerful energy of the earth.”

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

“Anjaneyasana is a beautiful stretch that opens your chest, shoulders and hips while strengthening your quadricep and gluteus muscles,” says Meredith Calderas, a yoga instructor at the Tahoe Flow Arts Studio Tahoe Vista, Calif. “This posture improves your balance and concentration and increases endurance in your thighs.”

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