Eco-Friendly Apparel

Eco-Friendly Apparel

Blender Bottle PROSTAK

Practically eliminating the need for plastic baggies and cups, the BlenderBottle PROSTAK is a smart accessory for athletes who are just as serious about sustainability as they are about their smoothies. The BPA-free bottle comes with the patented BlenderBall wire whisk that when shaken, works wonders on everything from almond butter to oat flour. The bottle’s interlocking and stackable containers can be used to store meal replacements, protein powders, vitamins, workout supplements and more. When it comes to washing it, simply load it in an energy-efficient dishwasher.

Distill Hoodie

Leave it to the crew at Burton to transform recycled plastic bottles into plush polyester. The end result of Burton’s proprietary Green Mountain Process that turns plastic into pellets and eventually thread, is their high-performance Distill Hoodie. The Distill Hoodie is available for both men and women and is appreciated by all who need a breathable, but warm, fleece layer. This sustainable wardrobe staple is not only noteworthy because it’s made of bottles; it also gets bonus points for coming with a durable water-repellent coating.

Fast Back 1/4 Sock Light Cushion

Next time you’re flying somewhere, tell your seatmate that they could be sitting on a pile of socks. It’s true; there is a sock manufacturer in Vermont that recycles scrap socks each month so that they can be used as stuffing for airplane seats and pet toys. Darn Tough makes their fashion-forward socks in the United States using naturally antimicrobial merino wool fibers that create a durable and fast-drying breathable sock—perfect for hiking and biking. Because toe and heel holes lead to a higher sock turnover, each pair is designed to last forever. In fact if you wear them out, the president of Darn Tough will replace them, no questions asked.

All Bagged Up Big Dog Leash

The All Bagged Up leash from the dog-friendly folks at ibex is handmade in the United States using recycled t-shirts, sweaters and coats. As with dogs, no two are alike, so there’s no point in trying to order a particular color. The 60” leash folds into a sleek nylon pouch and comes with a convenient clasp for attaching keys. As with all ibex products, it comes with the ibex promise—a lifetime guarantee. Repurposing things is nothing new for this company whose Vermont headquarters are housed in an old car dealership. 


Unless you own an electric car, there’s nothing green about driving to the gym. Fortunately, there is a convenient kit that comes with more than 250 exercises that can all be done without major greenhouse gas emissions.  Personal trainer Amie Hoff and her sister Beth designed FitKit to make it easy to get toned without firing anything up other than muscles. The compact kit is easy to store and includes an exercise band, door attachment, jump rope, pedometer and resistance tube. Kit owners also have access to an extensive online library of exercises that address 13 different muscle groups to improve strength, cardio and flexibility. 

Scarpa Ignite

Take to the trails in this planet-friendly shoe that boasts an approximate breakdown of the recycled material that make up each pair. The Ignite consists of a 25% recycled outsole, 29% recycled polyester mesh, 40% recycled synthetic leather, 50% recycled lining and 100% Ecosensor recycled lacing and webbing. It’s available for men and women and just because its midsole has an EcoPure additive that makes the shoe decompose faster (in landfill conditions) doesn’t mean that it’s not built for high mileage. This flexible and lightweight trail runner is made with long-distance runners in mind and comes from the same Italian family who began their business by making indestructible shoes for farmers more than 75 years ago.

Expedition Sewing Kit

To be environmentally aware is to know how to extend the life of your favorite gear.  One easy way to do this is to always pack Patagonia’s Expedition Sewing Kit. This isn’t your mother’s sewing kit— in addition to buttons, needles, safety pins and thread, the kit comes with a high-quality aluminum alloy awl that can be used to sew a torn canvas tent or busted backpack strap. It also contains a Tenacious Tape adhesive patch that puts duck tape to shame and comes in handy when you discover a hole in your sleeping bag. The contents are neatly stashed in a recycled polyester faux suede carrying case, and they come with the green stamp of approval from Patagonia’s founder and the first member of 1% for the Planet, Yvon Chouinard. 

Tech Wash®

Tech Wash is an essential for those who have ditched disposable ponchos and invested in serious rain gear. This PFC-free water-based cleaner revitalizes a garment’s DWR—durable water repellency—and boosts breathability which is important for anyone who plans on getting wet while breaking a sweat. Tech Wash comes from Nikwax, an eco-conscious company that manufactures waterproofing products while practicing total transparency. Case in point: their website features a graph of the company’s CO2 emissions and energy use.


If your intention in yoga class is to have a green practice, you’ll want to be supported by the unBLOK—aptly named for its unique curved design. This durable and dense, yet lightweight, prop is made from recycled foam and can even be cleaned without harming the environment. After an intense class, clean it with a 50/50 organic apple cider vinegar and water solution. The unBLOK is made by Manduka but is available at where users can find an entire page dedicated to explaining eco-friendly logos and certifications. It’s no surprise given that Rodale's, Inc. founder JI Rodale is credited with founding the organic movement in the United States.