Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve


Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve provides a vivid historical record of Pacific Northwest history, including the first exploration of Puget Sound by Captain George Vancouver in 1792; early settlement by Colonel Isaac Ebey, an important figure in Washington Territory; growth and settlement resulting from the Oregon Trail and the Westward migration; the Donation Land Laws (1850-1855); and the continued growth and settlement of the town of Coupeville. Within the fast growing Puget Sound region, Ebey's Landing NHR has quickly become the remaining area where a broad spectrum of Northwest history is still clearly visible in the landscape. The historical landscape of the reserve appears to today's visitors much as it did a century ago, when New England sea captains were drawn to Penn Cove. Historic farms are still farmed, forests harvested and century-old buildings used as homes or places of business. Unlike many National Park units, the 25 square mile historical reserve encompasses a mixture of federal, state, county and private property, all managed in a way that preserves its historic essence. This means that changes in the cultural landscape will continue but in a way that respects the past. There are two state parks within Ebey's Landing NHR as well as the historic waterfront town of Coupeville, one of the oldest towns in Washington State. Learn more about Ebey's Landing by reading the Administrative History.


Seasonality / Weather

The reserve does not close or have operating hours, and is a great place to visit year-round. However, facilities in the reserve which offer visitors recreation and education opportunities all have varying hours for operations depending upon the season and some charge a fee.

* Scenic Waysides: Daily - 8 a.m. to dusk
* State Parks: Daily - 8 a.m. to dusk
* Island County Historical Museum:
Summer: Daily (except Tuesdays) - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Winter: Friday through Monday - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Motorists can access Ebey's Landing from the North Bridge, Mukilteo / Clinton Ferry & the Port Townsand / Keystone Ferry. To drive over Deception Pass Bridge in the North, take I-5 to Burlington and turn west, onto SR-20 towards Anacortes. Follow signs and proceed on SR-20, crossing Deception Pass Bridge, through Oak Harbor, to Coupeville. See below for ferry information.

Public Transport: 

A free, scheduled bus services the island, from Mukilteo north with connections to Mt. Vernon on the mainland, with Island Transit. The bus operates daily except Sundays, with reduced trips on Saturdays. Visit Island Transit's web page for schedules, www.islandtransit.org, or phone 360-678-7771.

Whidbey SeaTac Shuttle provides transportation sevice between communities on Whidbey and Sea-Tac Airport. Call 1-877-679-4003 or visit www.seatacshuttle.com.