Easy Ways to Beat Holiday Travel Fatigue

Health and wellness experts share advice for staying sane while traveling for the holidays
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No matter how you plan on traveling to your holiday destination, the fact of the matter is that getting from one place to another will likely involve a little bit of stress.

Between packing, putting up with hordes of other travelers and if you’re particularly unlucky, flight delays or traffic on the road, setting out to spend time with friends or family who live afar might seem like more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.

Of course, many aspects of travel are completely out of your control, which is why it tends to bring on so much stress. But even during the holidays, when the airport feels more like a zoo and roads more closely resemble parking lots, there are several measures you can take to help reduce the tension and fatigue that many of us experience in these kinds of situations.

To find out how you can create a more enjoyable travel experience for you and your loved ones this holiday season, I talked with two experts who are well versed in the worlds of both travel and wellness.

Joshua Duvauchelle is a NCCA-accredited personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise who holds a nutrition certificate from Cornell University and works as a wellness consultant.

Bo Parrish, is a semi-professional triathlete and platform speaker who has competed on a global level since 2008, racing around the world in places like New Zealand, England and Mexico.

“Travel is a regular part of my life,” says Parrish. “I cannot afford for my performance to suffer either athletically or professionally as my livelihood depends on it.”

Together, Parish and Duvauchelle offer the following advice for staying healthy and level-headed on the road and in the air this holiday season. 

Prepare in advance.

One of the simplest and smartest ways to reduce travel-related stress is to get everything you’ll need ready ahead of time. “Do not wait until the last minute to pack,” says Parish. “Check the weather at your destination ahead of time and plan accordingly.” 


Before you leave, touch base with your co-workers, boss, significant other and anyone else who might need to know that you’ll be away. Parish suggests letting them know your travel dates with ample notice. “The idea here is to avoid any potential surprises,” he said.

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