Easy-to-Follow Food Rules to Keep You Healthy

Tips from dietitians, nutrition experts and scientific studies that anyone can follow for a healthier life

When it comes to healthy eating, you know the basics, right? Fruits and vegetables—good; soda and candy—bad; it’s not rocket science.

Actually, nutrition is far more complicated than simple “good” and “bad” designations. There are professionals who have dedicated their lives to studying how food affects the body and the science isn’t perfect, but thanks to research, they’re learning more all the time.

Despite all this information, though, reliable advice that’s easy to understand is hard to come by; and even when you find it, it’s often impractical. When experts suggest eating at precise times of the day or measuring every element of your food down to micronutrients, that’s just not useful information—who's actually going to do that?

If you’re looking for nutrition advice that’s both accurate and easy to follow, you’re not alone. We consulted dietitians, nutrition experts and scientific studies to come up with 12 food rules that anyone can follow for a healthier life.

Eat In Season

“The vegetables in season provide the lowest cost, best taste and most nutrition,” said Registered Dietitian and Author Jill Nussinow, who has been teaching plant-based, whole foods cooking for more than 25 years. “If possible grow your own or shop at a farmers’ market or store with high produce turnover. Become familiar with what’s in season.”

Always Eat Breakfast

“The fiber and slow-burning carbs in a breakfast like oatmeal help curb hunger for the day,” said Ashley Conrad, a top fitness and nutrition expert to celebrities and professional athletes and the CEO of Clutch Bodyshop. “Sprinkle cinnamon, a few blueberries and some natural sweetener on top, and you have a sweet and metabolism-boosting power breakfast.” Add almonds or other nuts for a protein boost.

10 other Easy-to-Follow Food Rules to Keep You Healthy

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