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How to Organize Your Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen

Yes, you can still have a junk drawer

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Kitchen organization starts with maximizing space and getting creative with the nooks and crannies your cabinets and pantry have to offer. And with these hacks, you can do so easily and without breaking the bank.

Organize your fridge


The first step: organize your fridge. A messy fridge will set you a few steps back on your kitchen organization journey. For starters, declutter each separate fridge compartment by tossing anything that is past its expiration date or that you know you’re not going to eat regardless. A clean fridge is also a brilliant way to start meal-prepping, allowing you to know exactly where your ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat meals are.

Make cabinets more easily accessible

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You should organize your kitchen cabinets by how often you use things. The most frequently used pots and pans should be on the bottom shelves of a cabinet and closer to the front.

Get a utensil tray

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Instead of just throwing your forks and knives in the drawer, you can buy a quality utensil tray online from most major retailers for under $20. These drawer organizers come in steel, plastic and bamboo, which is more eco-friendly too. Designate a section for each type of utensil and piece of cutlery for easy access so you’re not rummaging through a pile before every meal.

Use a towel bar for pans 

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If you have an exposed side to your counters and cabinets, don’t let it go to waste. Install a short rail or towel bar to turn the empty space into a place to hang your pans. Of course, not everything will fit— so pick your prettiest stainless steel, attach a hook and place it on the towel bar.

Use a turntable for your spices 

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If you like to cook, you probably have at least 15 different spices in your rotation, which means your spice cabinet or shelf gets unruly pretty fast. To organize your spices and get a clearer view of what you have, use a turntable that’s small enough to fit in a cabinet, but big enough to hold your spice jars. The rotating table makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and saves you space.  

Store onions in a straw basket


Onions are probably one of the grocery items you’re storing all wrong. If you have a straw basket laying around, use it to store onions and garlic. Baskets are well-ventilated and make for an optimal environment for storing onions, garlic and even potatoes. This will also save plenty of space in your fridge.    

Double your shelf space

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Most kitchen cabinets aren’t made with maximizing space in mind, since some of them have dead open space on top but no extra shelving. That’s where wire shelves  come into play. You can double your storage by easily stacking a wire shelf on the existing cabinet shelf or any flat surface to store more things in one space.

Grab inexpensive bins for your pantry

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Bins are fantastic for organizing any space in your home — they hide the clutter and look cute while doing it. For the kitchen, grab inexpensive matching storage bins that fit the pantry space and designate items by category to each bin. You can start with bins for snacks, dried pasta, jarred sauce, canned foods, baking items and so on.

Get rid of bulky boxes

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Another pantry trick is to take items out of bulky boxes and put them in smaller bins or containers. Granola bars and childhood favorites like PopTarts can take up more space than necessary when left in their original packaging. If the containers are clear, this practice is also a good way to keep track of when it’s time to purchase more of something.

Label glass containers


Another smart move is storing pantry staples like dry ingredients in glass canisters or large jars and sticking a label on them. If everything in your pantry is labeled accordingly, you won’t have to waste five minutes searching for the all-purpose flour or the milk chocolate chips instead of the dark.

Label the drawers, too 

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You can also stick labels inside of drawers to help your family put things back in their place. If three of your drawers hold various kitchen utensils, it helps to know which one the potato peeler goes in so it doesn’t end up with the spoons and forks. This makes everything easier to find in the future.

Store sideways 

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While there are plenty of cooking hacks we learned from our parents, this is a storage hack we learned from mama. Sideway storage is an often overlooked trick for organization. To make room for more and to make everything more visible, place your cutting boards, lids and baking sheets horizontally to limit any frustration.

Use hooks or command strips inside cabinets 

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Command strips are ideal for making the most out of a single space without having to drill any holes, and they aren't just for your bags and jackets. They are perfect for hanging measuring spoons, measuring cups and other items with a hook ring inside your cabinets.

Repurpose jars to hold longer utensils 


If you’re looking to display the more awkward shaped utensils, you can reuse stuff you likely already have. Pasta sauce jars or pickle jars are just some of the household items you can repurpose for other uses — the bigger the jar the better. Even old mugs are fantastic and things like whisks, zesters and tongs will fit in them perfectly.

Use organizer hooks for under the sink storage


Hang a rack (like the ones made for the shower to hold shampoos and body wash) on the inside of the cabinet door under the sink. It’s a great way to keep kitchen cleaning supplies, dish soap and extra sponges without using up the actual cabinet for storage. Wire shelves can be found for under $15 online or in-store and are among the most useful hacks for organizing your home.


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