Dub Box USA: Reviving the Iconic VW Camper Van

Dub Box USA creates vintage VW van inspired campers with a modern twist
Dub Box USA

It was always a childhood dream of mine to one day grow up and buy a colorful VW camper van and travel cross country, collecting bumper stickers along my journey. Now, we see less and less of those iconic vans on the road, and the colorful way of van camping seems to have disappeared. But, one company is out to revive the vintage classic in a modern way.

Born inspired by our favorite vintage American trailers, Dub Box USA is a fun and fashionable way to get on the road and go camping. The Oregon- based manufacturers create campers, food and event carts from new fiberglass shells. So, as their website notes, “While it may look like we are buying up all the camper vans left in the world, rest assured we are not… So don’t worry VW lovers, your VW camper van may still be out there.”

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The trick is that Dub Box attracts a wide array of customers. From the outdoor enthusiast to the classics collectors, Dub Boxes are a compact, lightweight alternative to the grandiose trailers out there today. The simple style mixes retro looks with modern comforts and you can customize it to your unique tastes. The camper model starts at $19,500. The inside of the camper is a little over 12 feet long, 5 foot 8 inches wide, and with the lift top open approximately 6 foot 5 inches tall. Inside you can find a double bed, sink and faucet, two-ring gas burner, CD player with personal MP3 player and speakers, a leisure battery and more. But, there is also the option to choose what you want in your camper to fit your specific needs. The Build-Your-Own Dub Box Campers start at $18,000 and can be personalized to include amenities such as weather curtains, awning, window coverings, outdoor shower, refrigerator, stove, mounted storage box, extra child beds.  

This compact trailer is great to take out on a cross-country trip, or a nice long vacation at a destination campground. For the business savvy, Dub Box offers food and event cart models, so that you can take your business on-the-go.

If anything, Dub Box is inspiring people to get outside in a creative way. By bringing the colorful icon we all know and love back to life, with modern amenities, the visual appeal may just turn a city dweller towards the great outdoors. 

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