Down the Colorado: A Source-to-Sea Journey

Down the Colorado: A Source-to-Sea Journey

Will and Zak and friends hike into Wyoming's Wind River Range to find the source of the Green River.

A fall snowstorm hits the Wind River Range.

Zak Podmore hikes to the source.

Camp along the Green, still high in the mountains.

Fontenelle Reservoir, above Fontenelle Dam in Wyoming.

Flaming Gorge Dam, near where the Green River flows into Utah. Its construction in the late 1950s and early 1960s submerged four distinct gorges.

Zak packrafts the Green River.

Cataract Canyon, which flows into Lake Powell.

Fog from the river causes becomes frost on a freezing cold night.

A houseboat flotilla on Lake Powell.

Glen Canyon Dam holds back the water of Lake Powell.

Looking out over the Grand Canyon.

Playing in rapids.

Bacon for breakfast while the day is planned.

The sun plays off the canyon walls.

Below Hoover Dam, which holds back Lake Mead below the Grand Canyon.

Zak paddles past a riverside casino in Laughlin, Nevada.

Camp above Imperial Reservoir, on the California-Arizona border.

The Colorado is diverted near Imperial Dam to provide irrigation to western Arizona.


The remainder of the Colorado below Laguna Dam.

The U.S. Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Burning trash along the river.

The Morelos Dam along the U.S.-Mexico border carries water to Mexicali. It's the final dam on the Colorado, and marks the end of the river for all intents and purposes.

The dry riverbed.

Zak encounters occasional water along the old riverbed.

Hot, thirsty and tired from walking.

A levee.

Zak takes a "shortcut" to the Sea of Cortez.

Waiting for the tide to come in.

Still looking for water.

At the edge of the Gulf of California.

The Gulf of California, where the Colorado should empty out.