The Dos and Don’ts of Planning an Adventure Date

Before you pack the climbing harnesses and strap the surfboard to the roof of the car, check out our guide to adventure dating

Spring is here and love is in the air; but so is adventure. With warmer weather and longer days, outdoor enthusiasts are dying to get outside and what better way to wow your date than taking them along on an epic adventure?

It sure sounds like an amazing idea, but it’s not for everyone. Before you pack the climbing harnesses and strap the surfboard to the roof of the car, check out our guide to adventure dating. Once you’ve cleared the list, here are some awesome adventure date ideas to spice things up.

Do: Take it slow. The first date is no time for an epic multi-day mountain climb. Even if you both have the athletic chops to handle it and the desire to do it, who knows if you’ll be able to stand each other after the first hour? Start slow and don’t let the activity run more than a few hours.

Don’t: Become an Overbearing Instructor. The fatal last words of many relationships, “I can teach you to [insert outdoor adventure here].” This one is tough and can lead to a lot of frustration and sometimes tears. If there’s a learning curve, hire an instructor.

Do: Plan Ahead. Nothing makes for an awkward and uncomfortable adventure date like a lack of planning. No one wants to be standing at the kayak rental counter when they’re all sold out.

Don’t: Show Off. Much like instructing, showing off can be a major turnoff. The last thing a newbie mountain biker wants to see is his or her date smoking them.

Do: Take Your Date’s Interests into Account. It’s awesome that you love rock climbing, but being up high on a rock face is not everyone’s idea of a great first date, especially if they’re afraid of heights. Definitely consider your date’s interests before you start planning.  

Don’t: Forget to Fit Some Breaks In. The point of dating is to get to know the person you’re with and it’s tough to do that when you’re going at top speed. Remember to fit in some breaks.

Do: Try Something New. Trying an activity that neither of you has ever done is a great way to spend a date and maybe cross some items off the bucket list. Running that comically strange 5k or hiking that trail you’ve been meaning to hit are great ideas that you’re both sure to enjoy.

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