A Dog is a Cyclist's Best Friend

Mutt makes 1,000-mile journey

When a group of Chinese cyclists set out to pedal the 1,000-plus miles along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway from Kangding to Lhasa, they’d imagined their whole group would travel on two wheels—not four legs. But an unlikely partnership formed after the cyclists, who had stopped to rest early in their expedition, offered a stray dog a drumstick of meat. The mutt, now affectionately named Xiao Sa, or Little Sa, after their destination, began to follow the team—eventually sticking with them through the remainder of their 24-day expedition. The small white dog even outlasted some of the cyclists in the group, who hopped a bus to Lhasa.

“We felt like she might want to come along with us, so we decided to bring her along to the end,” Zhang Heng told China Daily.  

Twelve high-altitude peaks and more than 30 miles-a-day later, after finally reaching their destintation, Heng, who first offered the small dog a bone, has plans to adopt Xiao Sa for good. 

Via GrindTV.com.