Do You Live in a Bike-Friendly State?

Washington tops annual ranking for 6th year in a row

If cycling is an important part of your life, you’ve probably considered moving to Seattle, Portland or Boulder at some point, if you don’t already live in one of those cities, but you may need to add another place to your list: Delaware.

The League of American Bicyclists released its sixth annual Bicycle Friendly State ranking last week and the First State jumped five spots from its 2012 ranking to number five. Washington came in first, as it has for every year the ranking has existed, followed by Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota.

Coming in last, in increasingly unfriendly order, were New Mexico, Alabama and North Dakota. (I guess putting Santa Fe on our list of best mountain biking towns doesn’t count for much.)

The League of American Bicyclists, an advocacy group with 300,000 members, graded the states in five categories, including infrastructure, planning, laws and enforcement, education and programs that promote cycling.

A quick look at the category rankings reveals that nearly every state did dismally in the infrastructure and planning departments—no surprise in our car-centric country.

At least one elected official has taken the list as a call to action. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper said,“We're proud that our bicycle-friendly policies have skyrocketed Colorado's rank up 20 places in just five years, and we are committed to being No. 1 in the near future.”

See the full list below (Click to expand):