Discover a Hidden Oasis Slideshow

Discover a Hidden Oasis Slideshow

When you think of the Grand Canyon, red rocks and desert sand probably come to mind. But 10 miles from Hualapai Hilltop lies Havasu Canyon, where cool, blue-green spray splashes from Mooney Falls, the tallest of the canyon’s waterfalls, tumbling more than 190 feet into a beautiful swimming hole. Only accessible by foot, trek the 10 miles on your own (being sure to pack plenty of water) or extend your Canyon experience with a 5-day tour with Austin-Lehman Adventures.


Located 30 minutes north of Dubrovnik, Croatia, this secluded cove sits far beneath the main road that heads north from the city. Walk 15 minutes down a centuries-old path and stone staircase with beautiful views of neighboring islands. The cove is occupied by a few private residents, but the crystal-clear water, small rounded stones and views of the Elafiti Islands are pristine and public. Have a local point you in the right direction, or visit with a guided trip with Greenlooms

Take a hike through a trail of alpine trees and natural mountain gardens and stumble upon Stoney Indian Lake, a crystal-clear glacial lake that shimmers with green and blue, in Glacier National Park, MT. Camp the night at the nearby Stoney Indian Lake Backcountry Campground and finish your trek back into the mountain terrain. Check out to plan your trek. 

The border between Latvia and Lithuania is secluded—on any given day, you're unlikely to meet another traveler. Find beauty at Pape Lake where youll see wild horses, fairy tale meadows and the largest number and variety of birds in the Baltics. Go it alone or book a multi-day tour on horseback with AdventureRide.


Surrounded by mountain peaks, wildflower meadows and lush forests, Lake Catherine is the highest of three alpine lakes at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Find the trailhead at the back of Brighton Ski Resort's parking area, then follow the two-mile trail to reach the pristine waters.

To most, the Antarctic feels cold, barren and empty. But a short kayak trip from an Antarctic cruise ship with Aurora Expeditions will leave you paddling not only among floating ice chunks and snow-encrusted mountains, but also—as you hit the South Georgia Island shore—into a penguin haven. Waddle along as tens of thousands of three-foot tall King penguins fish, swim and squawk at your feet.

If you're expecting a national park beach to be overrun with visitors, think again. Long Beach, between Tofino and Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, may be relatively easy to find (just a short trail walk from the parking lot), but the vastness of the beaches and the tranquility of the scene will make you feel like you've happened upon a forgotten shore. Drive up on Highway 4 or book a custom small-group trip with Austin-Lehman to fully appreciate the coastline.


An hour and a half southwest of one of Madagascar's most popular islands, Nosy Be, sits Nosy Iranja, reachable only by boat. Discover a secret beach during low tide, when the waters fade away to reveal a sand ribbon connecting the two landmasses that make up the island nicknamed Turtle Island for the creatures that make their nests on its shore. Book a trip on a NOFY BE, a traditional 58 wooden sailing boat with Boogie Pilgrim Madagascar.

The strenuous walk up to Angelus Hut on the shores of Lake Angelus in remote Nelson Lakes National Park will take most of the day (or even several days), but hardy hikers are rewarded with views of this untarnished tarn and near-complete solitude. Hike with a guide through Active New Zealand or plan your own trek.