A Diet Book That’s Actually Not a Diet At All

This 'diet' is all about doing things that make you feel good

If we had to count all of the diet books out on the market today, well, you’d probably never hear from us again—because it would take forever.

From books by celebrities to guides that promise weight loss in a matter of days, the amount of material availble on dieting and weight loss is exhausting. If you’re in search of some literature to help steer your diet in the right direction, it’s a challenge even figuring out where to start.

Not to mention, the thought of embarking on a rigid and restrictive diet probably has you unexcited about the whole experience in the first place.

But what if you could learn about eating healthy, feeling good and getting fit, without ever really dieting at all?

With her new book, “The Make Your Own Rules Diet,” Tara Stiles, yoga instructor and founder of Strala Yoga in New York City, has taken a stab at exactly that.

“I think diets are horrible. We get on them, we get off them, it’s all about rules and restriction and it just sets people up for failure,” she said in her video promo for the book. “So this book is not a diet at all. It’s all about getting intuitive and practicing things that make you feel good, because once you feel good you’ll want to eat better and you’ll want to take care of yourself."

Stiles explains that as an alternative to diets that instate strict rules, the program in her book introduces three tools for successful fitness: your mat (for yoga), your cushion (for meditation) and your kitchen (for healthy eating).

“It’s about throwing the rules away, using good ingredients, experimenting and just letting yourself enjoy that process of taking care of yourself,” she said.

She also made note of how feeling good through yoga and meditation can help you get excited about getting into the kitchen to create energizing meals.

To sum it up simply she adds, “You’ll feel fantastic and look amazing from the inside out.”

The book is available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

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