Debunking the CrossFit Hype

Every fitness fad has its moment. Is this one right for you?

By now everyone even remotely in tune with the world of fitness knows about CrossFit. We all know that it’s a combination of strength training and cardio, the Reebok sponsored competition is a must-watch and we all think CrossFit will make our fitness hopes and dreams come true—at least that’s what we’ve been told. Who’s to say it won’t? But then again, it depends what your fitness goals are in the first place. [slideshow:874]

It’s much easier to praise a workout plan than it is to find fault. And yes, many people have seen results with CrossFit, but how many people swore by Jazzercise? No routine is completely immune to criticism. CrossFit, like almost every other workout plan on the planet, tries to pull people in by promising that it’s really for anyone of any skill level and that once you try it you’re sure to love it. Let’s be blunt, that’s not true. Sure you can simplify and amend the exercises but the truth is when doing that you’re changing the nature of the program. It’s not going to be everyone’s favorite thing and it’s not something everyone can do.

Bottom line is that there’s been tons of hype out there, deserved or not deserved, and we’re breaking it down.

Check out the objective overview of CrossFit to figure out if you should jump on the bandwagon.