Danny MacAskill's 5 Most Incredible Bike Rides

Watch as legendary rider Danny MacAskill takes on incredible heights

Danny MacAskill, Scottish trials cyclist is known for his incredible feats on the saddle of a mountain bike. Paired with stunning cinematography, his videos offer a look into the artistic side of the dangerous sport of mountain biking. Here we’ve compiled some of his best films and rides.


Danny MacAskill beautifully brings a forgotten city to life as he jumps over destroyed rooftops, through the cement wasteland, does tricks along a deserted playground, and rides with a vast and gorgeous backdrop.

The Ridge

Watch as MacAskill rows to his native home the Isle of Skye in Scotland and takes on a frightening ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline. The sheer determination is incredibly inspiring. The ridge has never before been ridden on a bike, and this feat is definitely one to go down in history.

Way Back Home

MacAskill takes his ride back to his hometown of Dunvegan. He rides over roofs, around the city, and deserted areas by the sea. Watch as he completes mind-blowing tricks and flies through beautiful greens in the Isle of Sky.


Enter the mind of Danny MacAskill in this different style video. As a small child plays with his Lego mountain biker, MacAskill brings it to life with life-sized playing cards, a Rubik's cube, giant pencils and more. This colorful and extreme ride brings out the child in all of us.

Industrial Revolutions

As MacAskill brings his skills to an industrial train yard, a breath-taking ride follows. Watch as he jumps over dilapidated industrial train cars, does tricks off train tracks and explores deserted buildings all on two wheels. 

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