Daily Motivator: Former Champ Still Cycling at 100

1930s British bike champ stays young by riding
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And you thought pro cyclist Jens Voight was old.

But Richard Howard was winning medals in the sport back in the 1930s, more than 30 years before the 41-year-old so-called "Statesman of the Peloton" was even born. And he's still riding today.

Howard, a retired British schoolteacher and former competitive cyclist, turned 100 last week to much fanfare from the popular British press. In the late 1930s, as a member of the Unity Cycling Club, he won a 24-hour race in which he covered 350 miles, as well as 100-mile and 200-mile competitions. Despite all that, Howard's greatest feat of endurance is almost certainly that he still rides on a weekly basis.

Howard told reporters that he and his son ride five to 12 miles each weekend, though these days he exclusively rides a tricycle (and always wears a helmet).

Once his racing career wrapped up, he continued bike commuting through the 1940s and, like most people, eventually gave up riding his bike. But his wife's death in 2007 convinced Howard he needed to take up his first love in order to distract his mind. Not only did it do that, it also proved that there's really no reason to ever give up riding.

Asked by reporters how he felt upon turning 100, Howard said, "It's the same as I've always felt—perfectly OK."

"I think cycling has probably given him that foundation of fitness that has enabled him to live this long," said his son and riding partner, Peter, adding, "He tells me he plans to live until he is 112—and cycle for as long as possible." Keep on pedaling, Richard.

Via BBC and The Daily Mail.

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