Dad's Secrets for a Healthier, Happier Life

When it comes to happiness and health, dads have a lot of great wisdom to share

From advice about money to lessons in love, no doubt, we learn a lot about life from our dads.

Of course, no two dads are alike, so naturally each of our experiences are varied in different ways.

Maybe your dad was more of a goofy guy, maybe he was the strict, stern type or maybe he fell somewhere in between. Either way, if you’re lucky, chances are he taught you a lesson or two about what it means to live a happy, healthy life.

We celebrate dads, on Father’s Day and all year, because they selflessly offer unlimited love, kind generosity and timeless wisdom throughout our lives.

When it comes to living a truly healthy and happy life, dads from all different backgrounds have seemingly endless amounts of intelligent insight to share, and these are just a few of the “secrets” some truly special fathers have bestowed upon their children over the years.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

“One of the things my father taught me when I was a teenager was to take breaks when you're getting stressed or overworked,” says Tom Casano, CEO and founder of Life Coach Spotter. “I remember one time, we were building a deck for our neighbor. It was the middle of a hot August afternoon, and we had to finish the deck for a party the next day. As we worked harder and harder together, he could see the frustration and stress on my face growing. He took my hammer and put it down, and pulled me aside. As we sat in the shade and drank ice water, he told me, ‘Remember son, it's more important to be happy than to accomplish anything today.’ Later that night, after we had finished for the day, I realized what he had meant—life is short and we only live once. It's better that we are happy in the here and now, than to get too stressed out over the little things.”

Naps are important.

"As a boy, I thought my father was a bit lazy," explains Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, medical director of the Sleep Disorders Center of Prescott Valley, Arizona and sleep medicine consultant for Mountain Heart Health Services in Flagstaff, Arizona. “But, back then we were in the dark ages when it came to understanding the value of naps.” Now, Rosenberg says, there’s a significant body of research that not only emphasizes the importance of sleep for good health, but also that naps in particular can provide several benefits.

“Numerous recent medical studies have shown that a well-timed nap can increase memory retention as well as athletic performance,” Rosenberg said. “A 10- to 20-minute nap in someone who slept a normal seven to eight hours the night before can increase alertness for four hours. The same nap in someone who partied and slept far less than they should have can increase alertness for two hours.” The take-home message, according to Rosenberg, “Besides that my father was a smart napper? First, instead of reaching for the Starbucks, maybe a nap like my father did would be better.”

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