This Cyclist Took the Stairs—All 3,139 of Them on a Bike

Polish cyclist Krystian Herba is the only person to have ever climbed a skyscraper on a bike

Given the choice between stairs and an elevator, most people opt for the easier choice each day, but this cyclist is certainly not one of those people.

Polish cyclist Krystian Herba took the stairs (all 3,139 of them) on a bike and broke the world record for stair riding. It’s worth mentioning that he set the world record last May in Australia and then broke it again with this latest attempt in one of the tallest buildings in the world, Taipei 101.

The latest attempt took him a total of two hours and 13 minutes. According to The Inquisitr, he spent six months training in Poland and it was the most difficult challenge he’s ever faced. The first 50 floors were the toughest, he said, but after that he felt stronger and more confident.

Pending official approval, this latest attempt should put Herba in the Guinness book of World Records once again. To date he is the only person to have ever climbed a skyscraper on a bike.

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